Monthly Archives: March 2012

28 Mar 2012

Recording Session Coming Up!

I’ll be heading in to a recording studio in Lowell next weekend with an awesome new project featuring some fantastic musicians, led by drummer Justin Oliver!  This is an exciting development for a project that’s been trying to get off the ground for quite a while now.  Keep your eyes peeled for what news about this exciting new endeavor!

11 Mar 2012

Redman & Turner on 317 East 32nd!

What’s that you say?  You’ve always wanted to compare and contrast how two tenor giants like Joshua Redman and Mark Turner would play over the same tune?  It’s your lucky day – I’ve just posted two new transcriptions of Redman and Turner playing over Tristano’s 317 East 32nd Street from the album Mark Turner.  There is some really interesting stuff happening in these masterful solos, especially up in the altissimo.  Check them out on the transcriptions page!