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30 Jun 2016

New Video Posted!

Happy summer! I’ve just posted a new video from my recent performance at Twins Jazz in Washington DC, featuring an outstanding quartet, co-led by guitarist Nelson Dougherty. There’s more to come from this performance, where we debuted a ton of new original music and arrangements. In the meantime, check out this video of Nelson and myself exploring the old Appalachian tune Black is the Color (of my True Love’s Hair). Enjoy!

21 Dec 2015

Upcoming Trio Show At TWINS JAZZ DC

This fall has been a hectic one, but I’m incredibly excited to announce my upcoming gig at Twins Jazz – my first as a bandleader in the Washington area! The gig will feature monster bassist (and coincidentally my neighbor) Kris Monson, and the incredible drummer Kelton Norris, both of whom are relatively new to Washington’s thriving scene as well. We’ll be playing a bunch of my original tunes and arrangements, many (perhaps most) of which have never been played live […]

21 Sep 2015

Encyclopedia of Blues in B-flat!

So it’s only September of 2015, but somehow people are already arguing about the 2016 election cycle left and right! Instead of that, let’s argue about something that really matters: who cut who on the classic recording of Blues Up And Down on the 1961 album Boss Tenors? Does Sonny Stitt’s blinding bebop sophistication win out? Or is it Gene Ammons’ sweet blues inflection and power? Check out all 504 bars of their solos on the Transcriptions page to find out for […]

14 Jan 2015

New Solo Posted!!

Happy New Year out there! I”ve just finished up a transcription of one of my all-time favorite recordings – Sonny Rollins’ solo and trading on his classic Blue 7. I’ve had it in my head to take this solo on for a long time, and I finally put my nose to the grindstone this past holiday season. There’s so much to say about a classic solo like this (and I may eventually…!), but you could start by simply taking a look on […]

10 Oct 2014

Q&A: Notating Difficult Passages in Solo Transcriptions

Q&A: Notating Difficult Passages in Solo Transcriptions A few weeks back a visitor to my website sent me this email: Hi there, I stumbled across your transcription of John Coltrane’s solo on “If I Were a Bell” today and I had a question about it. I am in the process of transcribing the solo at the moment and am at the stage where I want to write it into Sibelius but it is proving more difficult that I anticipated. Coltrane’s […]

22 Aug 2014

A Beginner’s Guide to Saxophone Mouthpieces

HOOOOONK! SQUEEEEAK! QUAAAACK! NYEEEEEAAAARGH!  Anyone who has (or has had a kid who has) played saxophone is familiar with these sounds —something between squealing microphone feedback and the utterances of an angry Wookie.  It’s likely you’ve spent hundreds on your first horn (or $40+ per month to your rental company), spent money on music stands, books, reeds, and lessons, but what about the mouthpiece?  With a bit of guidance and the appropriate equipment, any student should be able to produce […]

25 Jul 2014

5 Essential Recordings for Beginning Jazz Musicians

If there’s any single universal rule to the study of jazz, it is to listen as much as possible.  There are resources everywhere these days for learning to improvise, including countless books, articles, instructional DVDs and websites, and all of them implore the student to listen.  There is no substitute for truly living with a record knowing it by ear from top to bottom – something lost on us in the age of streaming music and easy (read: cheap) access […]

30 Jun 2014

New Educational Articles Coming Soon!

Hello out there! It’s been a busy year, but I’m back at it with some exciting new content for the site!  Over the next weeks and months I’m going to be posting free educational articles to my websites.  They’ll be geared toward a range of interests and levels, and include practice ideas and tips, jazz improvisation techniques, transcription thoughts and analyses, and information on equipment for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.  I’m very excited about developing this new content, and […]

02 Mar 2014

Website Issues

Hello out there!  Been a while since a front page update on this site, though transcriptions and the calendar are (relatively) up to date!  I’m having some issues with some pages (calendar in particular), so some things may look a little wonky for a while.  Hopefully I can get this all straightened out soon!

07 Jun 2013

Street Chalk’s Common Ground Residency!

Hey folks, It’s been a busy few weeks!  Several newsworthy bits to talk about: Street Chalk’s Wednesday residency has begun!  We’re playing every Wednesday night from now until eternity at Common Ground (85 Harvard Ave.) in Allston, 10p to 1a.  They’ve got a nice vibe, great food, and a KILLER craft brew list – come on out for a great night with NO COVER CHARGE! I’m playing a number of recording sessions this summer as well, including an album with a […]