In addition to freelancing frequently, I am fortunate to collaborate regularly with a number of incredible musicians and ensembles in the Washington DC metro area, some of which are highlighted below.

I have a great deal of experience coordinating music for parties, events, and functions, and any of the ensembles below can be adjusted in size, instrumentation, or repertoire depending on the venue or event. For booking information or inquiries, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or on the Contact page linked above.


Andrew Frankhouse Trio/Quartet

The Andrew Frankhouse Trio/Quartet presents my original compositions in chordless trio or two-horn quartet formats. Playing without chordal accompaniment gives each musician more room to stretch, and gives the music a sense of horizontal forward motion by highlighting linear counterpoint and interplay. The music is designed for the ensemble, emphasizing color, time, and texture, while obfuscating but never fully eschewing tradition.