In addition to freelancing frequently, I am fortunate to collaborate regularly with a number of incredible musicians and ensembles in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, some of which are highlighted below.


FIASCO! is an ensemble co-led by Washington DC guitarist Nelson Dougherty and myself. Born initially out of a mutual appreciation for the music of drummer Paul Motian, the ensemble has evolved into something new altogether, fusing elements of jazz, funk, punk, hip-hop, and free improvisation. FIASCO!’s live performances are electric and unpredictable, with band members encouraged to be ‘bomb-throwers’, allowing the music to evolve every night on the bandstand. More information about FIASCO! can be found at the band’s website: http://www.fiascodc.com

Andrew Frankhouse Trio/Quartet

The Andrew Frankhouse Trio/Quartet presents my original compositions and arrangements a variety of formats, each designed to give musicians room to stretch, and giving the music a sense of forward motion by highlighting linear counterpoint and interplay. The music is designed for the ensemble, emphasizing color, time, and texture, while obfuscating but never fully eschewing tradition.