Baltimore saxophonist Andrew Frankhouse picked up the instrument at age 10, while growing up in the buzzing metropolis of Cedar Rapids, IA. He was fortunate to get his start in an exceptional public school music program, which gave him valuable experience playing in wind ensembles, big bands, pit orchestras, and stage bands. While living in Asheville, North Carolina he worked extensively with local and regional acts in jazz, jam band, funk, rock, and R&B contexts, all over the Southeast.

Andrew then spent eight transformative years in Boston, spent developing his personal sound, approach to the instrument, and musical conception. In addition to jazz, Andrew worked as a freelancer and doubler in a variety of musical settings including wedding bands, chamber ensembles, and club dates with singer-songwriter, blues, hip-hop, and neo-soul acts.

Upon relocating to the Mid-Atlantic region in 2015, Andrew quickly became immersed in the rich music scene, performing in the areas most notable venues and festivals including Bohemian Caverns, Baltimore Soundstage, DC Jazz Festival, The Anthem, Bertha's, Hamilton Live, Rosslyn Jazz Festival, Creative Alliance, and more. Andrew performs regularly with Millennium, one of the premier live entertainment bands on the east coast, co-fronts the self-described ‘not-jazz’ ensemble ¡FIASCO! with guitarist Nelson Dougherty, combining elements of jazz, free improvisation, punk, prog-rock, and funk, in a unique, genre-bending live music experience. ¡FIASCO!'s 2020 release 'Arson' was named the top DC jazz record of 2020 by CapitalBop.

An experienced and versatile educator, Andrew has taught woodwinds since his teens, has extensive classroom and ensemble teaching experience, and was successful early adopter of remote teaching via Skype. In 2010, he was hired to build a 5-12th grade music program for Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, MA. His work there has included classroom teaching, music directing high school productions, and laying the groundwork for school-wide vocal and instrumental performance programs.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He received his Master of Music degree with distinction in Modern American Music from the Longy School of Music.